The Inspiration Board (aka My Palpable Pinterest)

Airport magazine stores are like brightly-lit rabbit holes. While in my normal daily life I can usually steer away from the gossip columns and red carpet reviews, in these said holes I seem unable to resist the temptation of the gloss. Maybe it's the anonymity of air travel - no one I know witnesses my severe and stable focus on the hair stylings of Rooney Mara. Except for Eric and he's accepted this. Oh and I suppose I'm now writing it on the internet sooo...  Right.

Anyhow, on one recent indulgence I bought Vanity Fair - Rooney Mara was front and center. Within the glossy gem, one of the features included this behind-the-scenes photo of the fashion photographer's Inspiration Board. A cluttered wall full of photos he was looking to be inspired by. And I say to myself, " Self.... That's what you've been craving! An Inspiration Board!"

It's a palpable Pinterest. But instead of being an endlessly overwhelming time-waster, it's like a collage of calm. It somehow shall bring order to the chaos of this food-scattered brain. I'm just sure of it.

In the short-term, it's the things I have at my fingertips that actually need to be in front of my eyeballs.
In the long-term, it's the loveable art, the likeable font, the photo that inspires, the person who motivates. Maybe a list of the women I want to interview... next week.

So I thought I'd give a sneak peek at the beginning of my board. I'd love to know what's on yours!

An audacious, optimism-inspiring print made by the talented folks at Enormous Champion, a gift from my artist sister, Sarah... I love them for their desire to comfort the masses in gold cursive. Consider me comforted Champions...

My dear friend Leah Stuckey, an artist and pastry chef based in Chicago (you'll meet her soon!), recently had hearts on the brain. Her series of drawings were immediately posted on the growing board...

A excerpt from an article in Gastronomica by Allen Weiss on Authenticity...

From the Food Photo Pioneers: Saveur on Mugua Ji
From Edible Vineyard: Nancy Luce and her beloved chicken

From Ohori's cafe: A greeting card so vibrant that to hide it within the folds of some undeserving envelope seemed wholly shameful. I wish I could say the same of their Italian Roast. Doh!

What do you pin?!


  1. Love it! I have a real-life palpable pin board, too. It needs some freshening up, but right now my pins include these quotes:

    A sense of purity renewed, a sense of events in trembling balance flooded him. Everything, everything seemed encrusted with portent. --Annie Proulx, sent to me from my friend Sara when I made the big move from DC to Indiana

    All my poems are suggested by real life and therein have a firm foundation. No one can imitate when you write of the particular, because no others have experienced exactly the same thing. --Goethe

    You've inspired me to find some new pins!

  2. I love those quotes! I think the pin board (the one at home, not Pinterest) is so revealing... the content, sure, but also the layout and design, the size, the images versus text, where it is in the home. Anyway, thanks for sharing. I love getting a peek at your inspiration!