Keturah's Credits

These are the women that Keturah wrote down on various recipe cards in her collection. I've copied them here exactly as she wrote them. The italics are mine, indicating who I already know.

If you have any ideas about who any of the women were please feel free to make a comment on this page. I'd love to know more about their stories! Keturah lived in Belleville, Pennsylvania and Hesston, Kansas... if that helps. Thanks!!

Mrs. Allen Stoberg
Mrs. Allen Teager
Alma June (my first cousin, once removed)
Aunt Selma
Bertha W. (Dec. 1968)
Carrie J.
Carrie King (1934, West Liberty, Ohio)  
Cathryn Yoder (RFD 1)
Cora (my great great aunt)
Mrs. Dean Cauble
Mrs. Elmer Bird
Enola Dreier (my great aunt)
Fannie Yoder Hooley (West Liberty, Ohio)
Floy K. 
Goldie H.W.
Great Grandmother Diller
H.F. Unrue
Mrs. Haiber
Mrs. Harold Miller
Mrs. Ira T. Zook
Jessie Wickman
Joan (my grandmother)
June Kauffman 
Lillian Dreier
Lillian Molzen (my great aunt in-law)
Pauline Diller
Teresa (my mother)
Velma (my great aunt in-law)

Biscuits - can't quite make out the name on the right. Let me know if you have an idea!