About Katie

photo by DG
It seems my bliss has always been with food – my chocolate birthday with my people and 9 different desserts, Ken's sourdough bread, New Mexico's green chiles, Charleston pimento cheese, pretty much any Thanksgiving, my grandma's apfelkuchen.

And how I love my family. How I love that my family’s story is a Mennonite one. Our food is our most tangible cultural artifact, our palatable heirlooms. The supper table our most necessary gathering place.

Currently a pastry chef, I trained at The Chef's Studio, apprenticed at Cloud Cliff Bakery as well as Brown's Court Bakery. And woah, Two Boroughs Larder schooled me most fantastically.
Today I find myself reveling and baking in Baltimore, Maryland.

p.s. Please feel free to email me at katie.boyts@gmail with any queries or topics of interest on Mennonite baking. I have a special interest in deciphering your Grandma's old school recipes scrawled on index cards with virtually no instructions. So send them my way!