About The Shoofly Project

A few years ago I was inspired in a strange series of events to write a book.
A Mennonite cookbook to be exact. The Shoofly Project is the slow and often up-hill record of the path there. Inch by inch, the chipping away of an amateur. It follows my relationship with the research, the baking projects, and the everyday navigations.

What has emerged is a crisp and vivid connection with my great grandmother Keturah through her recipes and diaries. 

The book is to focus on baking practices, the food stories of Mennonite women, the food's history, and how to elevate it out of the realm of museum cuisine. How to make it something relevant, not mere stereotype.

p.s. Please feel free to email me at katie.boyts@gmail with any queries or topics of interest on Mennonite baking. I have a special interest in deciphering your Grandma's old school recipes scrawled on index cards with virtually no instructions so send them my way!