On One End of Change (Part 1)

My kitchen (and in-home wifi!) in Santa Fe have been in working order for about 2 days now. So it would seem incredibly appropriate to write a post regarding the place of New Mexican chiles in Mennonite cuisine (maybe in that tiny room off to the left of the bierrocks), the color of the new stove (green!), or what my first food endeavor is here (chicken stock... clearly).

But I fully realize that there are things left undone for us. Namely the results of one very thrilling Freezer Challenge. I know you've just been sitting with bated breath for this day, for this news...You may exhale...

Along this freezer path, there were some bright, beautifully delicious moments - poetic memories smelling of earthy lamb in a Cassoulet, the texture of pure silk raw given by some fine Escolar in a Sushi Roll made with Joleen. Simmered and pureed Cherries for the most joyous of New Years' souffles (apologies but eating commenced and was completed before a camera was remembered).

The beginning of Cassoulet
And the end...

Joleen on Tuna
The aesthetics were a challenge. Joleen's roll fared much better!

Let us not forget the Cauliflower and Parsnip Soup (above) made with that smoky pork stock of my dreams. This is indeed in the Success category of all things.

And alas there were failures... In particular: one disgruntled Banana Bread and some Berries seemingly too ancient to even sketch a tale for themselves.
Oh and those Tortillas and Ricotta Cheese burnt with a freezer cold to their core.

Even with all the cutest of accoutrements I could muster, that Banana Bread I remember enjoying 5 years ago was a disappointing fare. As Joleen said, "Well, I'd eat it I guess." 

Even I have limits.

But mostly there were giveaways...
Green peas and Cherries and Ginger to Emily.
Leaf lard and Razor Clams and Turmeric to Janan.
Chocolate and Pear Sauce to Bill.

And really... What result could be more gratifying than a friend enjoying a meal (even in your absence) because of the fact that you needed to empty your freezer? The cold becomes the tie that binds.

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