Pizza! (and the frozen mozzarella cheese)

The Mozzarella Cheese from Freezer Challenge at work

As it turns out... you can freeze mozzarella cheese!

You can make lasagna for a friend who is about to have a baby.

You can have leftover mozzarella cheese from said lasagna, and then realize you are going out of town the next day, dreading the idea that this pricey cheese shall mold in the frig while you're away.

You can say to yourself, "Self, throw that block o' goodness in the freezer. I don't know if that'll work or not... but we may as well try." (Your Mennonite great grandmother cheers from the beyond and your vacation is all the more relaxing - knowing that cheese is safe.)

And it ends up... months later, you can thaw that frozen cheese, shred it, toss it on a homemade pizza, and serve it to some very happy guests.

Sister Sarah was in town... lovin' on Lucy, eatin' on pizz!
Bonus: Pizza night is great for putting guests to work... Make their own!

And then have them cut it! Thanks Levi!

A few tips on your Pizza:
1. Make your own dough! I use that Bittman recipe I just linked... super easy and delish. Make sure to prebake it for a few minutes as this will help make an evenly and thoroughly-cooked crust.

2. Don't overwhelm the pizza with too many different ingredients. Your mouth gets all confused and can't appreciate each precious one. I clearly lost inhibition and went a little crazy on the above, but my favorite combo: Proscuitto, Caramelized Onion, Mushroom

3. Cook the veggies beforehand. Since pizzas don't bake for very long, the veggies won't render their ultimate flavor. Sooo... caramelize sliced onions in olive oil and butter. Do a dry saute of the mushrooms. Roast those red peppers.

4. Resist over-herbing your tomato sauce. Over-herbing (yes, it can be a verb) takes away from the other flavors. The best sauce I've found is supremely simple: A large can of those peeled, whole tomatoes - squeezed in my hands, salted, and tossed on the crust.

5. Freeze leftover mozzarella cheese!

6. For dessert, serve that Breyer's vanilla ice cream atop Simply in Season's Fruit Crisp.

So with that we can say...
Mozzarella Cheese
Breyer's Ice Cream (it's only halfway through its life)


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